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Cast Me is a fast-paced, award-winning casting agency based in Prague and London. With projects spanning all media of performance art (film, television, theatre, commercials, dance, and more), we are dedicated to the artistic integrity of our projects, by closely collaborating with creative teams and producers to provide the best service possible, cherry-picking through the big pool of all kinds. Two offices in two cities and 3 casting studios allow us to be super flexible and efficient. Our castings always feature light-hearted thoughts, laughter and improvisation – a few ‘What ifs…?’ Otherwise an idea will not show its full potential.

We create a comfortable space for actors to take risks and re-imagine their potential as artists in a progressing industry. Cast Me connects talent to clients with thoughtfulness and vision while maintaining an enjoyable process for the artists on both sides of the table.

We hate jerks, we can handle the rest.

Our database contains local and worldwide trained actors, talented models, atypic faces, dancers, singers and other talents.

Margareta Abena

Casting director

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Alpha and omega of being a casting master is to work faster. Even if i’m beyond border, I keep things in order.

Telefon - kontakt+420 723 699 716

Telefon - kontakt+44 7437 949617

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Michaela Zemčíková

Project manager

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The right hand of Margareta. Keeping this roller-coaster spinning. Can often be found organizing our schedules, contracts, making spreadsheets and taking care if everyone drinks enough water on rushy days. I just got my third phone.

Telefon - kontakt+420 739 005 640

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Jana Jenšíková

Casting assistant

#contact for actors

I’m the one who’s calling you if you’re available for shooting, so it means I’m very busy and important. Can handle acute situations. Also reducing stress in the office, so it makes me even more awesome.

Telefon - kontakt+420 737 220 022

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Michaela Fenklová

Casting assistant/ Marketing

#contact for actors

London is my second home, so I make sure that our branch there is taken care of. Having "there is no such thing as a problem, only problem-solution” as my religion, I always get the things done. Being creative, but diplomatic is my favourite bipolar feature. Anyway.. what is your star sign?

Telefon - kontakt+420 777 887 749

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Pavel Cvetkovski

Headbooker / Casting operator

#callmemaybe #castaway #xoxo

I am the longest Cast Me survivor, but don't cast me aside, because I know everything about everybody. :) Taking care of photo shootings, commercials and extras. Looking for a booking!

Telefon - kontakt+420 777 889 911

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Janek Gregor

Casting operator


I’m an energy freak, I love challenges and tattoos. I love people and people love me, because I am famous. LOL. You can find me behind the camera.

Tomas Hoang Khai

Office Manager


Hey! I’m managing smooth running of the office, replying to emails, ordering coffee and buying flowers. The office is my ground, stop by for a chat. And what attracts me? Humour, art, Inspirational & cool people, design and sarcasm! Nice to meet you!

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Hana Sedmíková

Financial Department

#invoices #payments

I am the one who is making sure we all get paid.

Telefon - kontakt+420 731 026 556

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